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I'm curating a show! Tadaaaaaaa

If you’re seeking refuge, it’s not in the Curved House. The home as a domain that is generally attributed to women is without conflict or terror. Rather, it houses one’s most intimate fears and fragile psyche, nurturing both peace and unrest, dreams and nightmares.

Curved House depicts of an unsafe place where violence, power struggle and distress are exposed and executed through the manipulation of different media, from organic to found objects, to marble dust, acrylic on canvas and printed word. The particular usage of familiar yet foreboding objects and symbols is a challenge to the spatial and habitual experience of a household—misplaced doors without keys, an empty nest, a tower of books, a plate of broken glass, a room remade from memory, a spider out in the open, a web of chaos, portraits of restless faces and a display of the male phallus.

After two years of conceptualization, Curved House finally debuts as an exposition of personal ordeals and disconcerting visions of twenty four women participants namely, Ambie Abano, Agnes Arellano, Marika Constantino, Kiri Lluch Dalena, Maan de Loyola, Racquel de Loyola, Rica Estrada, Karen Flores, Lian Ladia, Cathy Lasam-Ballo, Lea Lim, Kat Medina, Eden Ocampo, Siddharta Perez, Alma Quinto, Ling Quisumbing Ramilo, Dang Sering, Bru Sim, AJ Tolentino, Mimi Tecson, Lia Torralba, Teta Tulay, Josephine Turalba, and Con Cabrera, curator of the show.

The Blanc Compound opens the exhibition on June 2, 2012, reception starts at 6pm. Curved House is on view until June 23, 2012. The Blanc Compound is located at 359 Shaw Blvd. Interior Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City. A curator's walkthrough and artists talk is scheduled on June 16, 3 to 6 pm.

For more information about the show, visit http://curvedhouse.info/ or email concabrera@gmail.com
Words by Mavreen Yapchiongco


(timewarp to 2010) Day 3

The Only Risk is that of Openness
Two-woman Exhibit with Kiri Dalena
(third on-site project of "Ephemera of Disposable Goods")
November 25 – 30, 2010
Green Papaya Art Projects

Photo documentation by curator Lian Ladia


(timewarp to 2010) Day 2

The Only Risk is that of Openness
Two-woman Exhibit with Kiri Dalena
(third on-site project of "Ephemera of Disposable Goods")
November 25 – 30, 2010
Green Papaya Art Projects

Photo documentation by curator Lian Ladia


(timewarp to 2010) Day 1

The Only Risk is that of Openness
Two-woman Exhibit with Kiri Dalena
(third on-site project of "Ephemera of Disposable Goods")
November 25 – 30, 2010
Green Papaya Art Projects

Photo documentation by curator Lian Ladia


the gp experience

my project with kiri and lian for ephemera of disposable goods in 2010 deserves a more sentimental post.

this post is not it.


Faux Romantic (and I'm pleased)

Faux Romantic
2 x 2 ft
Acrylic on Wood

Outer Space Gallery,
The Collective Compound,
Malugay St., Makati City
June 4 - June 18, 2010


"Daloy Pasampu," 2010

(10) 12 x 12 in, Oil on Textile
 (installed with plastic toy soldiers)

Signos: Signs and Streams
Art Center, Bldg. A, Megamall
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
April 23 to May 9, 2012
Co-presented by Galerie Anna and
SLASH/ART Artists' Initiatives


internet is the shiz

Co-curated this digital poster exhibit with Lian Ladia for Manilatown Center in San Francisco.
Participants were from the Philippines and the Bay Area.
These were my entries.

Fact Sheet: Activism is Not a Crime
International Hotel Manilatown Center, 868 Kearny Street (and Jackson), SF
February 6-April 24, 2010/
Asian Resource Gallery, 310 Eighth Street/Harrison, Oakland Chinatown
May 27 to June 30, 2010

"1, 2... 57 Shoot!"
18 x 24 in
"Marka kay Adelisa"
18 x 24 in


women were boxed

Artwork below mine was Cathy Lasam's paper sculpture.

2 x 2 ft
Oil on Canvas

BOXED 2009: the start of a conversation 
(an all women art exhibition)
Curated by: J. Pacena II
Blanc Compound 359  Shaw Blvd. Interior
Dec. 12 - Jan 2, 2010



"Rebirth as the Goddess of the Revolution"

2 x 3 ft
Oil on Canvas

for Camminiamo Exhibit
3rd Level Exhibit Area, Shangri-La Plaza
Nov. 17-25, 2009


"Dialectic Materialism"

18 x 24 in
Oil on Canvas

Whitebox Gallery Cubao Expo
Jun 12 - Jul. 8, 2009


Mother's Boiling Point x Lampungan ng Patapon 2009

"Republika de Lata"
2 x 2 ft
Oil on Canvas

"Bala-Baluktot" Series
(3) 8 x 8 in
Oil on Canvas


"Mapanuyang Nasyon ng Uring Magpapalaya"

2.5 x 5.5 ft
Oil on Textile

Posting this again in celebration of International Women's Day.

Painting for Kasibulan's PasyoNasyon
20th Anniv. Exhibit

Bulwagang Juan Luna (main Gallery)
Cultural Center of the Phils., Roxas Blvd., Manila
May 14 - June 21, 2009


"One, Two, Fall"

18 x 24 in
Oil on Textile

for Resureccion exhibit
My Little Art Place
Greenhills, San Juan
Mar. 28 - Apr. 15, 2009


"You don't say goodbye to an artist like Louise Bourgeois." - Karen Flores

Louise Bourgeois 25 December 1911 – 31 May 2010

"Bourgeous continued to work in an incredible variety of media,
not just sculpture, but painting and drawing, installation art 
— she even recorded a rap CD."

If you are my friend, you already know that I am a huge LB fanatic. My admiration of her work, her process and her persona go beyond art standards. But this was not cultivated by my art practice. It only intensified after her death in 2010. I first came across her name after I discovered the Guerrilla Girls through feminist readings. I read about her in books like Women in Art History. And when I decided to organize a tribute show for her, through the encouragement of some of my close friends (and LB fanatics too!), I made it a point to take time to get to know her and read about her and her works. It has been a long process, nearing two years now, the (re)discovery of an artist like her. She lived a very long life dedicated to the creating and recreating. It will always be a joy browsing stuff about her works. She never fails to amaze me, and inspire me to strive for greater things.

This May 31st, on the second year of her death, I will again (re)discover the art of Louise Bourgeois through the artists I have been working with to make a great endeavor possible. I'm so excited.


ang Hirap

18 x 24 in
Oil on Canvas

Entry for my second time to participate in TutoK Artists' Initiative annual exhibit.
2008's title was TutoKKK: Krisis, Kalunasan... Anong K Mo? held in Blanc Compound.
Show info HERE.


misspell, misdefine MISSbehave

Here are works from my two-woman exhibit with Bunch Garcia way back in 2008.
If my art career were a story plot, this one's definitely a climax (or the start of).

3 x 4 ft

"Narrative of the Red Traveller" Series
"We Shan't Fall Off in Vigor"
18 x 24 in
Review by Noel Barcelona HERE.
This world is full of crashing bores.
Exhibit notes by Crisanto De Leon HERE.

Good times, man.
 Good times.


Ooppps! There it is!

...the unevitable pause on posts.

For the past month, I've/we've been trying to adjust to my/our employer's new time-in system. Some days, it's easy. Some days, not. Coming early to work needs getting used to, or atleast trying to show you care.

Also, I've been involved in helping my friend Mark Salvatus and his girlfriend with their art lab/space. Mostly getting stuff organized. The place has been getting a lot of attention from both the art community and the media. With a lot of upcoming art-related events, we can't help but participate. This Friday, we'll be joining a small press expo in Quezon City. Event page HERE. So instead of posting more of my works, here is a shameless plug of the event!

SMALL PRESS EXPO! -- March 2, 2012, ILYONG'S in Project 4, Cubao!



Starting today,
all posts will be art-related.

I'm making up for lost days of uploading my works.
Days/ months/ years.

We know the difference.

"Ang Huling Kabanata ng El Filibusterismo"
Acrylic on Canvas
2 x 3 ft

for Bantayog: Re-visioning Rizal
Activity Center, Market Market, The Fort, Taguig
June 19 - 21, 2008
Art Verité, Serendra, The Fort, Taguig
June 26 - July 10, 2008
Ninevé Art Space, Laguna
July - August 2008

This work is for my first group show for Tutok, or, this work is for my first major group show. I was both excited and pressured by the oppurtunity that I spent most of my production time procrastinating. And as I upload more of my works in the coming days, you'll notice my lack of chemistry with acrylic. (Oh excuses.)