"You don't say goodbye to an artist like Louise Bourgeois." - Karen Flores

Louise Bourgeois 25 December 1911 – 31 May 2010

"Bourgeous continued to work in an incredible variety of media,
not just sculpture, but painting and drawing, installation art 
— she even recorded a rap CD."

If you are my friend, you already know that I am a huge LB fanatic. My admiration of her work, her process and her persona go beyond art standards. But this was not cultivated by my art practice. It only intensified after her death in 2010. I first came across her name after I discovered the Guerrilla Girls through feminist readings. I read about her in books like Women in Art History. And when I decided to organize a tribute show for her, through the encouragement of some of my close friends (and LB fanatics too!), I made it a point to take time to get to know her and read about her and her works. It has been a long process, nearing two years now, the (re)discovery of an artist like her. She lived a very long life dedicated to the creating and recreating. It will always be a joy browsing stuff about her works. She never fails to amaze me, and inspire me to strive for greater things.

This May 31st, on the second year of her death, I will again (re)discover the art of Louise Bourgeois through the artists I have been working with to make a great endeavor possible. I'm so excited.

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