Open Letter to my FA31A Class

Hey class.

I received my last salary from KC yesterday. This means the sem is really over. (insert sad face here) I hope you're happy with your grades. Though this won't be my last email (I'll occasionally post art events), please allow me to be (a little) dramatic. Thanks for being good students. You were my first college teaching class and I'm thankful because you were a fun bunch. I'm not sure if I taught you enough, but I do hope you enjoyed the subject. I hope I taught you useful graphic skills. I hope you enjoyed watching Beautiful Losers and Helvetica. I hope you learned something from our guests Meneer, Zeus and Eduard. I hope you'll eventually love the Pen Tool and discover the things it could do. I hope you abandon the use of MS Paint forever. Seriously.

During our first sessions, I kept on thinking that I can't do this, I'll give myself just one sem. But I can change my mind, right? So see you around Kalay kids. Approach me for anything.
(Except maybe for drugs. I don't want to be fired.) :)


 follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.
- franz kafka

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